Life of Lines II, for ensemble

performed by United Instruments of Lucilin, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Nov. 2018

Starfish Prime, Electronics

First diffused, Hydra, Harvard University Dec. 15th, 2018

VLF radio, number stations, analog synth, raw electricity.
Mix- please listen on headphones or monitors

the traces that remain, London Symphony Orchestra + Heather Roche + Aleks Kolkowski

LSO Soundhub 2018. Written for 3 gramophones, bass clarinet, percussion, stroh violin, stroh cello, sinewaves

Concert 14th July, LSO St. Luke's, 2018.


Life of Lines II, United Instruments of Lucilin

Rainy Days Festival, Luxembourg 2017





507 Mechanical Movements

Ensemble Nikel, 2016